Evil, evil, PT


Okay… so no hip replacement here (not yet anyway… :P) I just loved this comic strip… pinterest is great to find all kinds of stuff… the one thing hip replacements and I have in common would have to be Physical Therapy…

With MS, my pain comes and goes, and jumps around… the one constant is the back pain… there is always some back pain for me… soooo, for the second time, I am off to PT… things seem to be going better this time around, but then, that may have something to do with the fact that the guy in charge of my PT sessions is related to my Neruo-PA (she is the one I see for all my MS-doctor visits, and has been there for the most of my disease, no matter what other doctors were in charge of my diagnose) Sarah Ervin rocks… but anywho… this guy can talk directly to my PA and know more about me than all the other doctors I have seen, because, although there is central online information, most doctors never talk face to face

I have always wanted to force my doctors to have a conference call, a sit down, or even a dang email chain… just communicate so that everyone knows what is going on, and I (the patient) am not forced to defend your medical and drug choices to all the other physicians in my rolodex… grr…


But back to PT time… some is easy, some evil and painful, and man can you be sore the next day from the smallest movements… the first day of PT had me moaning and soaking in the tub for hours… but the second wasn’t nearly as bad… the PT session will last a few weeks, not sure how long (as long as insurance pays up) and depending on the stretches and movements my PT-dude puts me through, I will be facing some pain and soreness… but hopefully I will feel a little better by the time it is over….


But some of the moves  can make you feel down right silly… lol… pretzels must be extremely limber… 😛 wish me luck… I am off to another session later today… I hope to get some more sleep in before then, but who knows… I am exhausted, but my sleep has a mind of its own… happy wordage, Tracey Clark

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