Pedicures rock

Have you ever seen the amount of skin scrapped off during a pedicure??? well… me neither… lol…. why would we want to see that? just close your eyes and let the magic happen… but only go to a nail salon with those wonderful massage chairs… ahhhh….

anywho… it seems that the MS has quadrupled the amount of callouses on my feet… especially my heels… it is a nightmare… and using that heel stone at home just doesn’t cut it… when they start to feel hurty, the best medicine isn’t for me to attack them at home… it is a nail salon… those people have the magic touch… or maybe they put acid in the water they make you soak your feet in beforehand…. but who the heck cares… MAGIC…

also… I feel better about myself if my feet don’t look diseased… really, the callouses are that bad…

but the downside…. it is costly to get a pedicure… and not something that a lot of people with MS would ‘waste’ their money on… I would be great if SSI paid for one visit a month… I know my feet would appreciate it… or heck… if they could just tell me what it is that is so different about a salon pedicure vs a home attack…. either way, my feet need this … the callouses can build up to the point that walking on them becomes painful … sooo…. free pedicures for everyone… and all is good 😛


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