WTH did I do??


HA… you have got to be kidding me… I wish sleeping tricks worked on me, but so far, not so good… right now I am on cursing MS… did I mention that lack of sleep has a serious adverse affect on my nerves/personality??? It is really hard not to be snappy when you are hurting and/or in serious need of sleep…

What did I do to cause such back pain that I want to scream??? Well, I straightened the bedroom… anddddd… that’s it… halfway through I knew I was going to be in trouble, but it wasn’t like I could stop… I needed to more bedrooms so that my cousin could have a bed for her and her husband… besides… it used to be her room…

I am floating around homeless while my basement apartment had the floor torn up due to water damage… and I have been in Mom’s middle bedroom for the last week, but Christmas means cramming lots of people together… so I had to move… it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but my back is reminding me why I never clean… it freaking hurts…

and to add insult to injury, I had one doctor explain that I isn’t that something is wrong, it is merely that the lesions in my brain are sparking a reaction … kind of like a phantom pain… and therefore pain meds won’t help… even had a pain doctor admit (as she made me cry) that she didn’t like treating MS patients because they never got well… you couldn’t fix them…

to all this I have to say, bull shit… I know my body, and PHANTOM pain or not, a pain pill helps… if this is all in my head, I say, ‘find a way to deaden that particular batch of nerves’… there are certain pains that I know a pain pill will not help, but there are others that are helped greatly… I can tell when a headache is from an exasperation or when I just need some rest… I know the difference between stomach pain and acid reflux… and dang it, I know the difference between back pain and ‘its all in my head’… it is moments like this that I fear for my future as an MS patient…

but right now I am gonna cross my fingers and hope that the pain goes back into hiding… then I can nap before I head out to fam time, and later on it will be time for more editing of book two of the Finder’s Keepers series…

Happy wordage

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