it must be love


lol… this is soooo true… I have said repeatedly that I am editing the second book of my Finder’s Keepers series…. what I may have failed to mention is how… but hey… I probably feel asleep… confused yet???

well this is the long and short of it… I wake up, wait for my mind and body to come back online, and then eat or wash my face… then it is time to edit… always with the dang edits… but the part I left out?? after an hour or so (sometimes less) my eyes get heavy and my dang MS lesion filled mind says “what the heck are you doing? more importantly why is it taking so long? WE’RE TIRED” and then my eyes close weather I want them to or not… yep… like I am competing with a narcoleptic I pass out…


then it starts all over again… I have to wake back up and wait for my body and mind to get with the program… this morning alone, I when through this process three times…

this tells me that I must love this novel, and the world it brings to life… and that I want to share my stories with the world, because believe you me, it is a heck of a lot easier to write the story than it is to edit it… I could make stuff up til the cows come home no problem, and no passing out… but processing information when I edit or research and boy or boy, I am in for a million naps…

I truly hope that Twin Findings: Book Two, Finder’s Keepers is completely ready soon… so that I can share it with y’all… and yes that is the title I have settled on… Twin Findings…

cross your fingers and wish me luck… happy wordage, Tracey

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