Scorpion attacks… muhahaha


Warning my MS peeps… I love Scorpion, but man oh man, I cried like a devastated child when Walter’s sister Megan died… I could see it coming but a part of me kept hoping that Walter would find something to make her better, to prolong her life… I wasn’t blind… I didn’t think their would be a cure… the show is all about science and what is known… and if a MS cure had been found I would have heard the news from my doctor…

I followed the show for weeks, each episode making it clear that Megan was getting worse… but when the death scene came, the reality of my disease hit me hard… I cried the kind of tears that take your breath away, that leave you sobbing and unable to see through the waterworks… when I finally calmed down, I went upstairs to Mom’s room and warned her… she said ‘oh, Tracey, you shouldn’t watch that show’… to which I replied (okay, I stated balling again and might have screamed) ‘It’s not like they can kill her again’ lol…

I wasn’t laughing in the moment, but looking at the events from the outside it is pretty funny… Okay, my sense of humor is a little screwed up… πŸ˜› But good news… I watched the episode following ‘the Megan death scene’ and I wasn’t thrown into racking sobs… soooo, all good πŸ˜›

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