don’t push yourself


lol… this is so me… I tend to schedule my life with a lot of brakes in-between… or at least I try… the problem is that life doesn’t always cooperate … plus, there is a lot I would like to get done… sooo… how do you take breaks, schedule tasks, and accomplish everything on your wish list without causing your MS to throw up road blocks???

dang… that is a tough one, and something I haven’t found the answer to yet… the best I can do is make a list of all the things I want to do and then take it a day at a time… because, no matter how many schedules I make, the bottom line is that you either work with your MS or you will get nothing done…

recently, I seem to have forgotten this lesson… I pushed myself to make a bunch of bracelets and a neckless or two for Christmas… now, if I slow down and ignore my ocd need to make another and another, jewelry isn’t a problem… (as soon as I can get some pic, I will share some of mom Christmas jewelry)

but because I wanted to make sure that my mother had everything that I could possibly give her for Christmas, I ended up overdoing it… and my joints and muscles are still a bit achy a few weeks later… booo…


this is a hard one for me to keep in mind but I continually try… and I can get more of what I want out of life, if I just remember to take it one day at a time… tomorrow is another day … a day that I might get to work on my edit, make the bracelet design I have in my head, work on my latest painting…. it might be the day that I feel like taking a walk, visiting a friend, or cook dinner for the first time in ages… it is all about your health and what you can do today…

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