flaming hair!!!


My mother is a topic that I will bring up over and over… she is great… but my favorite stories are when she or I have done something hilarious… like the time she caught her hair on fire… what??? you don’t see how this can be funny… HA… I disagree…

she is my support system…. and always willing to go out and try the things on my MS wish list… one of which was a dinner theater… I had a great time, and purchased a number of dragon items… there were men on horseback and excellent food… not to mention the pina coladas … ymmmm

but by the end of the show both of our backs were killing us… mom has had a number of back surgeries and I???? MS strikes again… but she stuck it out so that I could experience my first dinner theater… on the way out, I wandered around looking at all the dragon art… *we had just been to dragoncon and they were in my head*

eventually mom needed to sit down, so I made myself pick between two of my favorite pieces… and then we went outside to wait for the cab (the car died by that is another story)

while we were waiting, I decided to run back in and get the other dragon piece… and left mom holding my cigarette … and her own… so I didn’t see what happened, but the retelling of it had me in stitches…

mom said she was holding the two cigs in one hand, while she bent forward to dig in her purse with the other… a shy looking Chinese woman pecked on her shoulder and said something that mom couldn’t understand… tired and hurting, mom said uh-huh, and went back to digging in her purse…

this is the point where a man from the group of about a dozen Chinese people came up and said ‘your hair on fire’… and they all burst into laughter … mom said she could hear them giggling all the way to their cars… lol…

she had held the cigs too close to her head while bending to get in her purse… see… smoking is dangerous…





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