find something to laugh about


this is one of the frogs that like to come visit my back door… every year, at about the same time, I start getting froggy visit (and okay, so maybe it is a toad) but I like to call him froggy assassin, so froggy it is… muhahaha

any who… I think it is important to find something that makes you smile in life… and my visitors are on of them… even when they are being inappropriate…

yes… I really ran to get my camera after almost stepping on these two… (talk about coitus interruptus… ) ewwww…. welcome to Kentucky, watch were you step…

lol… so my sense of humor is a bit off… but I got the delight of shocking my friends and family when I asked if they wanted to see a pic of my pet frog… 😛

but the point is, what makes you laugh… is there someone or something that can bring a smile to your face when you live you life dealing is an illness of some kind… because this is important… laughter is important… it makes all the other things in life bearable …

Feel free to comment... I would love to hear from ya!!

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