Going back to Bed….


Lol… sometimes I feel like this pooch… it is just too much energy to move your entire body to see the rest to the room…. like I just need to go back to bed… on those days, I stumble my way through dog duties, and do what little can’t be put off, and then I climb back under the covers…

or maybe this pup is having trouble holding his head up… not from exhaustion, but from a weakness that tells your body that using all the muscles involved to get from point A to point B is just overwhelming… on these days, I can usually find a burst of energy that allows me to spend thirty minutes dealing with morning issues… but then it is all low key, or nothing at all…

but when I have to deal with these days, I know that I will wake up tomorrow or the next day, or the next, and all will go back to normal… okay, normal for me… but it is a normal that I have learned to work with… I have to deal with the problems of the day, and always remember that one misstep doesn’t ruin my life… I know that just because I can’t run my errands today, that doesn’t mean that they will never get done…

I will get my books edited, I will make it to the grocery store, I will find the energy to tackle that task just waiting for my attention… life for a MS patient is one day at a time… but I have found that if there is something that I want to do no matter what, I can rest up… lol… even if it means I am forced to sleep in the bathtub instead of a bed… and if I want to go out of town, I leave a day or two early… I always give myself extra time… even if it is to go visit my cousin out of state… I have to get there, and then I have to rest, all so I can visit without falling asleep at dinner… you have to know the obstacles you face, so that you can get as much out of your life as possible…and everything else can be tackled tomorrow…


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