Find your Greatness


There are a lot of moments in life that remind me of how I want to live my life with Multiple Sclerosis… moments that clearly say, ‘take what you have and make it amazing’… I saw this GIF and it just screamed ‘make the most of what you have’… just because we freeze up, stumble over our words, or stagger as we cross the room… we still have the potential to be great…

there are a lot of things that I have been forced to change how I approach them… and there are others that I am still working on, but I never quit… that is what needs to foremost in mine mind at all times… I have learned that being open and up front about the problems I face lessens the embarrassment I feel when I have a glitch in my mind and body… when I forget my words??? I now just say ‘words’ and those that know me, know that this means I am having trouble expressing myself… they move on and talk about something else, something that can talk about without stuttering… when I first got sick I would cry when I lost my words… and my tears would embarrass me even more…

or the fact that I couldn’t walk through the grocery store without pain and confusion.. that the harder I pushed myself to keep up with the crowd or the person I was with would cause the symptoms to get worse that much faster… now I just let everyone else rush around… if I am having a day that demands that I slow down, I slow down and move at my own pace… I may not get it done as quickly but it gets done… I make greatness in my own way…

2 thoughts on “Find your Greatness”

  1. One of the hardest things in the beginning for me. Sitting there with a blank stare knowing what I wanted to say but it just wouldn’t come out of my mouth or worse the random word that didn’t make sense. I don’t worry about it anymore. Those who know me and matter know. Just saying “words” in those situations is a great idea.


    1. yeah… it is definitely something that takes time to get used to and learn work arounds… I decided to join a writing group a few years ago, and one of the first things I did was explain my random word blanks… I found that putting it out there helped me to mitigate my embarrassment… I also find that most people are very kind after you explain your issues…

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