who put that wall here??


lol… the worst is coming up the stairs when my legs are upset with me… I mean… who wants to explain that they fell down the stairs because they first fell going up the stairs…

I learned very quickly to hold on for dear life no matter if I went up or down the stairs… and on really bad days, I do the imbalance crawl… where you are almost on your hands and knees when there are stairs involved…something that is also helpful when your back hurts… heaven help you if you need to carry something (like my pug, which is afraid of everything… including stairs)

if the little guy only knew the life and death situation he was in every time he asked to be carried, he would be afraid of me as well as the stairs, the dark, heights, being along… yep, the list goes on and on…


(a few makeup issues there but hey if you spent 90 percent of the time in a downpour of sweat you wouldn’t practice very often either… lol) the one looking at me is Bella, and the one that looks like he is pouting is Moe-moe … Moe-moe (aka: big scardy cat)

back to the point… MS likes to throw balance to the wind… recently my balance has only been a problem when I become over tired, or for that first hour after waking up… it’s like someone decided to reconstruct the dimensions of the house… and rearrange the furniture… I need to move slow and careful for that first hour… because it is either that or start wearing padding and shin guards… owww… 😛

but my balance has improved a lot over the years… the first few years, I had to bounce off the walls in order to make it down the hallway… and the 25foot walk that the neurologist insists on was rubbish… it took forever to make it 25feet and then I needed to rest… my hope is that one day I will be able to walk through the mall without pain, and without needing to rest… if my balance would continue to improve, that would be great as well…

my doctor says that my 25foot walk is the best improved MS patient she has… woo who… 2.4 seconds… that is a record for me… and it is one I feel proud of… and if I have an off day, or my balance acts up for a few months/years, I hope I will always have the upbeat knowledge that I may get better again… never give up guys… happy wordage, tracey

and if you want to donate to Walk MS, Click HERE

or if you just want to check out my Walk MS post, Click HERE





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