Cross your legs and pray!!


Wellllll…. heck… sure is nice to know I am not alone in this… it is embarrassing but yes, yes I have wet my pants like an un-potty-trained toddler… for the most part it isn’t that bad… but I look a little insane at times… I mean, I am 35 years old… and I rush to cross my legs every time I feel a sneeze coming on… Why??? because I don’t want to pee all over myself… and sneezing seems to be my trigger…

and heaven help me if don’t notice the sneeze/cough before it happens… grr… and the problem of a full bladder… especially first thing in the morning… you know, that moment when you want just a few more minutes of sleep, and you convince yourself that peeing isn’t that important… because, hey… you can hold it for five more minutes… HA… I don’t think so… if I wake up and need to pee, I get up and pee… there is no waiting…

it is like my bladder, my body, has forgotten how to hold it… I feel the need to run to the restroom, and it is probably too late… for the love of mud, let the cursing begin… and the vacation rule ‘have you used the bathroom??’ is in effect every time I leave the house… don’t feel the need??? too bad… get in the bathroom and try just in case… yep…

it reminds me of one of our vaca trips, where we took two cars and used CB radios… and when my grandmother needed a restroom break??? mom got on the CB and said “breaker, breaker, we have a senior citizen with a bladder control problem…” lol… mom got wacked on the back of the head, and we all laughed… more at the fact that mamaw was beating up the driver than anything else… but the whole thing was hilarious…

Well, I feel like someone is on some mystical CB every day now, and let me tell you… NOT SO FUNNY…. but I am 35 dangit, and I will pack baby wipes and extra under pants before I pull on a pair of depends… you hear me MS… I will not go down without a fight… grr… 😛

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