Keep trying


Isn’t that the truth… if I do too many things, too many days in a row, then I am sooooo tired … And in pain…. I need days to recuperate… it’s really hard to work around this MS detail of day to day life, but most of the time I can… but this means that scheduling too many activities in advance is a bad idea… or is it…

When I went to DragonCon (think costumes, writers, actors, conventions) I knew that just walking around and taking part in the insanity wouldn’t happen… but there were a lot of authors I wanted to see, and a bunch of writing workshops that interested me… soooo what did I do??? I took a chance… I signed up for all the workshops that caught my eye… If I could make it, then I went… And when I needed to rest or sleep in, it was disappointing, but I did…

But planning and resting is all well and good… that doesn’t mean that I didn’t overdo… yep… I wanted to go and see one of my favorite authors at one of the talks… problem was, I was exhausted… totally wiped out… Still, I went… I even sat up front… I mean, right up front… Where all those people I looked up to could see me… And what happened you ask??? A 110 percent fatigue … I tried, i really did… but no matter how hard I tried to keep my eyes open, I passed out… and then my body would do that thing where it jerks awake because you are about to crash face first into a your desk, or your about to fall out of your chair… *clears throat… ahem… cough, cough…* oh, look… my cheeks are red…

so I keep jerking awake just as I was about to fall off my seat… sitting right in front of Laurell K. Hamilton and Jim Butcher… I was embarrassed beyond belief… And what did I do about this embarrassment???

I made sure to catch the next time they were scheduled to talk, the next day… oh, I was still embarrassed but that didn’t stop me… I did however make sure not to sit in the front row… lol… and this time I was wide awake and I had a marvelous time…

always keep trying… and never give up…

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