Swag insanity


Swag away peeps… muhahaha… this is an idea I saw on Pinterest… and mom bought me a book of bead ideas… I hope to have a large number of free gifts (swag for writers) to hand out when I go to the Rebels and Readers author signing event Nov 5, 2016… I will be there as one of the signing authors… this is my first signing… I am excited and freaked the heck out… and I just know that I will be embarrassed as I sit there sweating like a hog… but this MS chick will push through…

I plan on having a comfortable chair, and running for the hills at the first sign of a headache… lol… Just kidding… I will pack my head in ice if I have to, I will do at least one book signing… if all goes well, I will plan on others… and of course, I will follow my publishers directions… if she wants me to go to other signings, then away I will go…

arts and crafts are part of the way I deal with my MS… it keeps my mind working, and gives me something to do when I can’t read or write (my true loves)

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