Whose Drunk??

No… I swear… I don’t have a drinking problem… I just have MS… OMG, is this true…


things aren’t nearly as bad for me these days, but that first year… oh, crap… in fact, it is part of the reason I stopped watching television from a monitor across the room… all those actors moving around, the flickers of light… omg, can you say help me… I eyes would start to hurt, the world would tilt, and a little bit of vomit would start climbing up my throat… it was horrible…

once things calmed down, I could finally manage to watch my favorite shows, but only on my laptop… in fact, we don’t have cable at my house… if you can’t get it through the internet (ha… like that ever happens) then we aren’t watching it…

I can remember my first week in the hospital… I was lying in one of those horrible hospital beds and the world started to spin… eyes open or closed, it wouldn’t stop… faster and faster… I managed to squeak out that I was gonna be…. but before I could say sick, I had to lean over the side of the bed (I so didn’t have the ability to jump up and run to the bathroom) so I could throw up…

between that and the insane ride in the back of an ambulance as I was transported to a different hospital so that a specialist could decided if I did indeed have MS (or if the spots on my MRI were cancer), I thought that my entire life was gonna feel like I was stuck on the tilt-a-whirl (aka: evil theme park ride)… thankfully, the world has stopped moving so much faster than my eyes… not that I plan on trampolines, bouncing on an exercise ball (PT guy thought that would be a good idea… HA… I thought I was back in the hospital), or entering a jump-roping contest…. I like my food in my stomach, thank you very much…

and if you want to donate to Walk MS, Click HERE

or if you just want to check out my Walk MS post, Click HERE

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