mixing in a little pleasure…

Okay… I may be a bit of a Shemar Moore fan… but ever since I found out about his Baby Girl line of clothes and accessories, and the fact that part of the proceeds from sales goes to the National MS society, I have been an uber fan… lol… hot and kind hearted, and an excellent actor…


Granted, he is an actor… some people are yummy to look at but when you actual meet the real person, their personality sucks… but for intents and purposes, Shemar seems to be the real deal… his Baby Girl line caters to smaller body frames and curvy fuller frames… personally, I have one of the t-shirts and am looking at picking up some sweats… I love my sweats in the winter… it’s about the only time I can wear them, but when the snow falls I want some fuzzy socks and warm sweat pants… (you know… when it gets below zero and my MS says it is finally cold enough… lol)

the sizes seems to range from x-Small to 3x… with a section ranging in the plus sizes from 0-5…

There are Shemar posters, cell phone covers, hats and sexy comfort nighties…

I may need one of the longer t-shirt nighties as well… I love sleeping in long shirts… alrighty… I just wanted to show some of the stuff to be found on Shemar Moore Official Website because I already posted a bunch of stuff for the My Walk Gear website… if you want to check out that post, and the handful of Shemar pics I slipped into the end of the post (I just couldn’t help myself… yummmm) Click HERE … and happy wordage… as an MS sufferer, thanks to everyone throwing out support this month, no matter how you choose to show it… 😛 Tracey

and if you want to donate to Walk MS, Click HERE

or if you just want to check out my Walk MS post, Click HERE


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