My body, my pain!

For the most part, I agree with this… but not completely…


I learned over time that there were different types of pain… just like there were different types of stomach upset… I mean… acid reflux may make you vomit but it has nothing to do with nausea problems… you don’t take Phenergan when there is acid climbing up your throat… and popping some Nexium will do nothing to help with sea sickness or constant vomiting…

So I knew that my headaches wouldn’t be helped by pain pills… but when my back hurt too much for me to stand up straight, a pain pill dulled the issue until I could function during the day… but a switch of doctors, a crack down on pain pills and I ended up with General Physician that refused to touch the issue of my back pain, and referred me to a pain specialist that flat out told me she didn’t like to treat MS patients because they never get better… WTF…

after three visits, where she managed to make me cry (damn MS emotions) all three times, I said ‘the hell with this’ … I reduced my activity, made sure to stop doing anything that may aggravate my back, and stopped going to the ‘pain specialist’ … sorry guys, no happy thoughts this time… this is a hot button issue… from now on, I plan to watch out for the evil pain, and maybe by some vodka… lots of vodka…

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