someone remove the anvil


living with MS is like having a road crew constantly doing jack-hammer like projects inside your brain… I has been a little over a year since my last jack hammer episode, aka exacerbation… or… lesion lighting up my brain like the fourth of july…

but it isn’t a pain you forget… and unlike headaches that I had experienced before, these were easy to pinpoint… I could hold my hand over the area of my brain that was being attacked… and even worse… I could feel when my brain was swelling due to all that trauma… I remember telling my doctor that my brain felt too big for my head, and he said “that’s because it is…”

As for the aspirin comment??? yeah… I learned that lesson real fast… I learned to listen to my body… and when I had an MS headache the only thing that would work was a vasodilator… a pill that scared the crap out of my mom… and one that my doctor no longer prescribes…  I hope someone prescribes them if my headaches come back, but not having even one hidden in the couch cushions, in the medicine cabinet, dropped under the bed, etc, etc, etc…. that is scary… but I would rather cut off my let with a dull knife than go back to the pain doctor that I had to see when everyone in Ky started freaking out about prescribing pain pills… but that is a story from another time… suffice it to say, the woman make me cry and I feared she would make my MS worse with all the stress, so now I spend a lot of time in the bath when in pain…

my Neuro-PA also figured out something to fight the pain in legs, so for now, I sleep in the tub when I have to… 😛

but the worst question to get “did you take something??” would just hurt my feelings… it wasn’t a stupid question exactly… it is normal to ask a person in pain if they have taken something, but if you have had MS for any length of time, you know… there are certain pains in your body that will not react to pain pill… and will the number of other meds being forced on us, it is never smart to add something that will do absolutely nothing…

now back pain??? when that happens, I would love to have some extra strong aspirin … but again… bath time… (Get the picture??) no I’m not in my nineties… those wrinkles are just prune-y skin from spending 8+ hours in the water… you may tell me that hot water is bad for my MS, but it has been ten years and I am doing better than anyone dreamed…

so if anyone needs me, I will be in the bath… 😛 happy wordage, tracey

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