Slow and Steady


I love this … and it is something that we all need to remember, not just those of us with MS… Multiple Sclerosis, life in general, has a tendency to throw curve balls our way… but anything is possible, we just have to work at it… or at least that’s what my mother says… and she assures me that mother’s know everything 😛

but working through my wants and dreams is difficult… and just because I do my best to reach my goal, keep a bright outlook, and smile when I want to scream… none of that means that I don’t have moments when my outlook, my world view, my sense of right and wrong doesn’t start pushing me into a deep depression…

and on top of the natural depression that comes with having MS, I am a writer… I have one novel published but that just means I now worry that my next book wont be loved… fighting MS blues and Writer’s depression is difficult… but I have my mother to pull me out of it, and to remind me not to expect more out of myself than I can give, and to remember that tomorrow is another day, another chance, and to never give up…

so that is my message to all of you… no matter your trials, keep trying… keep reaching, and keep dreaming… there is always a way… even when we cant reach our original goal, if we keep trying, we will find new dreams and happiness along the way… happy wordage everyone

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