Shake, rattle and fall


Alright… as far as Seizures go, I have been quite lucky… there have been no out of control, flopping on the floor, drool and bite your tongue moments…

Now, ‘Drop Attacks’, that’s a different story entirely… for the most part, I manage to catch myself… and usually these drops only affect one leg at a time… the worst drop attack I ever had, I was attempting to go downstairs… not a good time for your legs to take a break… luckily, there was a ledge that I managed to catch and hold on to before falling down the stairs… I about jerked my arms out of their sockets but the drop didn’t last long, so I shook it off, cursed a little, and continued on my way…

I don’t know if I have ever had a Seizure where I appeared wide awake, because mom and I both sleep at extremely odd hours… my MS and her back pain has totally screwed up our circadian cycles (the times when we go to bed and sleep)… so it is grab it when you can for us a lot of the time… if I am having wide awake seizures, then the pugs aren’t talking…

but the Drop Attacks??? in a way, I am used to them… my knees would go out on me, even as a child… one time my knees gave out as I approached my desk in second grade… and down I went… it wouldn’t have been that bad but I managed to hit my eye on the corner of my desk… and though I could see just find, the adults were freaking out, and I was crying… but hey, it hurt like the devil…

my granny came to get me, and drove me to the hospital my mother worked at…and the entire time I worried that I would need stitches… but granny said it would be find and no stitches would be required… HA,… the skin beside my eye was split from the actual eye and out about an inch…

needless to say, I freaked out when they came at my face with that needle… hey… Granny had promised no stitches… now at thirty-five, the scar is hard to see, but it is definitely still there… and boy am I glad it got stitched up… even if I did embarrass mom by acting like a loon… 😛 soooo yeah… I got really good at catching myself when my knees/legs decided to drop me on my arse…

happy wordage, Tracey

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