Dyslexia meets Multiple Sclerosis


okay… this is totally unfair… lol… but I grew up learning to deal with Dyslexia… my case isn’t that bad, but getting my words mixed up, and taking ten times longer to read my homework assignment??? reading out loud in class and fearing that I would start to stutter as I did my best to understand what I was reading??? yeah, that crap sucks…

but I found little ways to work around the problems and even graduated third in my class, from high school …

but to then have MS thrown onto the pile of word confusion??? well hell people… lol… it took about eight years, but for the most part my words have straightened out… I still have word salad coming out of my mouth when I am tired or stressed, but I always know what I mean in my head… and thankfully, I can write and type better than I can speak… otherwise I never would have been able to finish my novel… but crossed eyes, falling asleep because my brain is tired, and edits that had me wanting to scream all eventually worked out… and I got an indie publisher to help me get everything in order…

now book two is wither her, and she says we need to talk… frankly I am freaking out, and second guessing myself… I can only hope that I whatever problems she has spotted can be worked out easily… otherwise, you guys might hear my frustration no matter where you live…

Oh… and Yoda rocks… 😛

happy wordage, tracey

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or if you just want to check out my Walk MS post, Click HERE

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