Sexual Healing

If ever there was a reason to help raise awareness, support, and funds to discover a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, this has to be his…


OMG… like I don’t have enough to deal with… okay… I was never good at dating, and I haven’t had any interaction with the opposite sex in years, so why would I care if this is an issue… well, duh… because even thinking about makes me want to pout…

finding a partner for life’s ups and downs is something that most people want, me included… but I am afraid, this is a situation where I am the one needing advice… to top off the whole, I have MS problem, I have to be one of the shyest gals known to man… or maybe one of the shyest gals ‘un’known to man… hehe…

yep… that’s me…

it is easier to be friends than to do that whole seductive female routine… I just don’t understand the rules of the dating world… and now I have this disease… how am I supposed to get excited by the brush of fingers along my spine, you know, if my body decides to go numb and I don’t even feel it… booo… and that is the most g-rated problem I can think of… so very not cool, MS… I demand a refund…

and what guy is gonna want to deal with some chick he just started going out with if she is running around with the hulk version of PMS mood swings, each month, all month… yep… this is by far the suckiest MS symptom I have heard of so far…

and if you want to donate to Walk MS, Click HERE

or if you just want to check out my Walk MS post, Click HERE

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