Who’s driving this boat??


Mom and I joke all the time that between the two of us we almost have one fully functioning memory… almost… it can make conversations down right painful, when neither one of us can remember what we were talking about…

every once in a while, we will be driving along, and she/or I will say “I thought you were driving”… lol… that is only funny if you have heard the joke about the two little old ladies, one is cringing as the car goes the wrong way, sidelines mailboxes, and runs red lights… but when her friend tells her to slow down, she replies “I thought you were driving…”

that is me and mom… she is all the time asking me where I am going (I am always the driver, since my MS never took away my driving, well except when I lost my eyesight) … and usually I have gone the long way around, or flat out passed my exit… and I simply say ‘not to worry, we’ll get there eventually’

and that is my mantra… I will get there eventually… I forget what I am doing half the time, but I always get the job done eventually (driving or just living life) the key is to never give up and to do your best not to get upset when your memory takes a break…

mom and I were talking about how dangerous certain sports can be, and I tried to tell her about this European sport that was ten times more dangerous than football… but it took me two days to remember the word ‘rugby’… and it came to me out of nowhere… but it did get there…

the worst time for my memory to be falling down on the job, is when I am heading downstairs for something… I will reach the bottom step and suddenly I don’t have a clue why I’m down there… but wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I get comfortable (back upstairs) I remember… and back to the stairs I head… only to forget all over again once I reach that last step… lol… I have made that circuit three or more times before I finally remember what the heck I needed….

but that is life… that is my life… and as long as it eventually gets done, I am happy… don’t let it get you down, if you keep trying, eventually everything gets done..


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