Huh… what’d ya say??

lol… I didn’t think this one would apply to me, but it turns out I was wrong… I have been known for selective deafness from time to time… when it comes down to get in an all out slug fest or just ignore, ignore, ignore??? deafness is very useful…


other than an annoying ringing every once in a while, my hearing has remained as sharp as ever… and other than ignoring someone that is pissing me off, I might lose track of the conversation if I am getting board… I can’t help it; my mind just wonders…

it is also hard to concentrate on a conversation if I am feeling preoccupied… my mind just refuses to focus on what is being said… sometimes I actually feel like shaking my head, as if the will help me focus on the here and now… for the most part, I actually enjoy being in my own little world of writing and reading… yeah, yeah, yeah… I need to work on that… being social is a part of being human… but dang if it isn’t difficult…

and finally, sometimes it just looks like I’m not listening… but actually I am processing what is being said… this makes mom aggravated sometimes… but when I try to answer too quickly, the first word out of my mouth is always ‘huh…’ I don’t do this consciously… it is like my mind is giving me time to understand what was being said to me, and my mouth throws out the questioning huh before I even know what is going on… but I heard you… and I will answer as soon as I can… πŸ˜› see… aggravating… lol

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