Tremor Time



for the most part, I don’t have this symptom… I do get the occasional shaky hands or twitchy eyes… but that is it…

when my hands start to shake, it is more like the muscles in forearms start jumping… it can make painting a bitch… especially if I’m trying to add small details… it makes me want to scream… but I work with oil paints when I want to make a painting, so it’s all good… oil paints are very forgiving… and take forever to dry, so you have plenty of time to fix any mistakes…

I have some of my paintings up on my Arts and Crafts site…

the twitching of my eye has been happening most of my life… it was just some weird thing that happened from time to time when I was a teen… it is annoying but not really something that bothers me… it isn’t my actual eye… it is the skin of my eyelid… I used to look at it in the mirror, but no one ever gave it a name… it was just that weirdness that happened … and still does… but not often enough to give it a time frame of occurrence…

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