whistle while you work

MS month is almost at a close…


lol… I love this… MS cuteness…

Multiple Sclerosis does make us Clumsy, Sleepy, Achy, Shaky, Forgetful, Grouchy, and Dopey… but that is not all we are…

my brain may be full of holes, but it still works (mostly… lol) and I am still able to dream and come up with new worlds for my novels… and that’s the point… emotions and outward appearances aside, we all have dreams… and if you are willing to work to find a way to achieve your dreams, there is still hope… life is just different for us…

when I work on my novels, I am always reclined in a soft motorized bed or a recliner… I am not bent over a desk… I wouldn’t last out an hour if I tried to sit and work at a desk, no matter how comfortable the desk chair…

the few times I have the energy to cook (I love cooking) I move slower, and mom bought some cushions for me to stand on while at the stove…

when I work on typing, writing long hand, painting, or one of the other various crafts I enjoy, I have a brace that refuses to allow my wrist to move… my joints hurt like I have carpal tunnel if I use too many repetitive movements… but with the brace, I can last as long as I want… (at least until my brain gets tired and hits the off switch)

What are your dreams, what do you want to do but have given up on because of MS… if you can’t see a way around the problem, reach out to they folks at the national Multiple Sclerosis Society HERE … if they don’t already know the answer, I’m sure they will work with you to find one… and remind all your friends and family that this is MS Month… lets raise money to find a cure… and support each other however we can…

and if you want to donate to Walk MS, Click HERE

or if you just want to check out my Walk MS post, Click HERE



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