Hear, Hear… Me!!!

alrighty… this is the last day of MS Month… but not to worry, because my virtual walk for MS continues… muhahahaha…. until april 10th when things will go back to normal … 😛 whatever the heck normal is… but the posts will continue to flow…

Hear, Hear!! lol… this is soooo a problem… mom (my biggest supporter) gets aggravated with me, thinking that I am mumbling on purpose… but the words just seem heavy, hard to push out… sometimes I am just soooo exhausted, talking seems like a hassle…


As for the drive-thru problem??? lol… you should try to order something while you are up north (when you have a southern twang, and tend to speak quietly)… I just wanted some fries… you know, those things made from potatoes…

I swear the girl said ‘what?’ like a million times…

it all started off calmly… “a large fry please” … but apparently I have the same issues with pronouncing Fry as I do Ice… (those dang I’s get me every time) …

after repeating myself, attempting to clarify the pronunciation, and finally screaming my order as loudly as possible, I was reduced to sarcasm… sure, most people would have given up and driven to a different restaurant… but I highly doubted that the next drive-thru would be any better… while visiting the beautiful New England States, Kentucky gals should stick to sit down restaurants where they can point at their meal choices… HA!!!

Okay… so I was stubborn and fed up… I started screaming “POM FRITZ, FRENCH FRIES, DEEP FRIED POTATO SLICES….” ….

not my finest moment!!!

and if you want to donate to Walk MS, Click HERE

or if you just want to check out my Walk MS post, Click HERE

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