Deep Breath In

Holy crap batman… so this is what happened…


I had this feeling… the feeling of a boa constrictor trying to kill me… a few times… but not often enough to mention to my doctor… okay, I hate going to the doctor, and hello… I have MS, which equals a horrible memory… basically, if it isn’t happening to me while I sit in the doctor’s office, I am likely to forget about it…

but few times I had this feeling, I blamed it on the fact that I was wearing a bra… and once I took the dang thing off and laid perfectly still, the feeling lessened… if I had know if was my MS trying to smash my ribs, I would have??? taken off my bra and laid down… lol…

knowing what caused the issue hasn’t really chanced anything, but it is still nice to know what the heck was going on.. and in the future I will??? take off my bra and lay down… 😛 but at least I won’t be worried that an invisible giant is sitting on my chest…

anywho…. MS month is now over, but my virtual walk post will continue for another week and a few days… until april 10th when my local MS Walk takes place… instead of hoofing it this year, I will be typing my fingers to the bone… muhahahaha… I hope you guys have found your own personal way to support the MS cause (with money, support, or maybe your own blog)

here are some links to donate to the MS Walk, either visit my page, or head over and start your own… it is never too late… happy wordage everyone, tracey

and if you want to donate to Walk MS, Click HERE

or if you just want to check out my Walk MS post, Click HERE

Feel free to comment... I would love to hear from ya!!

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