A Personal Walk


This is very important…. you have to understand and believe this will all your heart… your walk with MS, is your own… and your outcomes will be different from all those other stories…

I remember hearing some truly ghastly stories when I first got sick… I know those sharing what they knew thought that they were being helpful, but what I heard was horror stories… I had a (maybe best not to name names) tell me about this 19 year old that had one lesion, and had just died… and that I was amazing because I had so many lesions (too many to count) … hmmmm what I heard??? I could die any day…

I really could have done without that helpful story… I decided then to focus on the positive and ignore the stories of trial by fire… I decided to share my story for anyone that wanted to hear it, but to never force the information out there… everything about MS is personal… including when we are in the frame of mind to need/want to share or hear the stories about MS life (both the good and the bad stories)

we can have similar experiences, and symptoms … but it is important to remember that the disease attacks each of us differently…

for me, talking and explaining what I go through is easy and helpful… some people don’t want anyone to know, and that is their right…

for me, explaining what MS does to me, and what others can expect me to do or say helps me to interact with others… I am usually very shy (doing my best to change that) but I have noticed that once others know what life trials I am facing, they show caring and support… otherwise, it is human nature to suspect the worst… I mean.. if we see someone stumbling through the room, what do we think if we don’t know anything about them??? the first thought is usually that they are drunk… but if they tell us they have MS and their legs aren’t cooperating that day, we wonder how we can help them…

and if you want to donate to Walk MS, Click HERE

or if you just want to check out my Walk MS post, Click HERE

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