Aches and Pains… sigh

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but the holidays kicked my MS behind… it is amazing how something like cooking can put you in serious need of R&R, and wrapping presents??? forget about it… the Clark household is all about reusable present bags and boxes… yep, it is a standing rule in our home that the gift is yours but the container (bag/box) isn’t to leave the house…

and for those gifts that we are forced to pass out while out and about, we use dollar store X-mas bags… bending over and cutting paper, taping, and attempting to force Christmas paper to behave??? go ahead and skip the pain… invest in lots of decorative boxes… 😛

as for the big holiday meal??? mom wanted my ham this year, and once I start in the kitchen with a meal like this, I can’t help myself… I want the ham to be perfect and tender, the potato salad to be delicious (fyi: made while potatoes are still hot) and the rolls are buttered to melt in your mouth…

truthfully, I want my mother to enjoy the festive season as much as possible… between that and my OCD quirks, I end up overdoing… a big no-no, but the meal was to die for and the gather went great…

all in all, the season was worth it but painful (wanted to cry in pain a few times) and we all had a lot of fun… we are all also ready to say goodbye to the insanity that is the holiday season… I hope everyone managed to enjoy the passing of another year (painful or not) and that you guys are ready to start a new year… let’s all create something wonderful… for my part I hope to get my latest novel (Artistic Beauty) out by early March…

that’s it for now… happy wordage, Tracey


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