Welcome to the Multiple Sclerosis page… all things MS shared from my point of view… the good, the bad, the ugly, the insane, and the unpredictable… woo who… I will try to post MS news every second week of the month… 😛


With each MS patient, the symptoms and daily trials are similar but oh so different… the disease affects us all in different ways… my words are to paint a picture of my own life with MS, not to be used as a guide by which to judge others… I am doing better than anyone ever expected… another person we similar lesion, in the same positions within the body may be blind or unable to walk… there is no way to know why I am doing so well, when others have life so much harder… I just hold firmly to the belief that MS symptoms can change… When i first became diagnosed, I had clouds growing in my vision… it was the first sign I had ever had, my first exacerbation (flare up) … at 25 I had lived without a family doctor, no severe illness… an eye exam and a MRI later and I found myself shipped off to the hospital… it took eight years before I started to really function as a person, an adult person, again… Take all this into account before you compare my stories to those you may know with MS… and as always, happy wordge, Tracey Clark

Feel free to comment... I would love to hear from ya!!

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