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That pill does what?


So… a while ago, I complained about peeing on myself. Oh course, I blamed it on the MS. I had heard about that little surprise, and assumed that it was just another MS downer. But that didn’t mean that I remained silent and accepted it as my lot in life. Nope.

I complained to my doctors, I shared my whoos with friends, family, and you all. I am real big on sharing what you feel ashamed of, embarrassed of. It is amazing the amount of support you get, how all the shame lifts, and the number of people willing to then share their own similar stories.

Doctors on the other hand, they were a big let down. I got tired of feeling ignored when I said, “I have been peeing on myself. And I’m not talking about ‘whoops, there went a dribble’, nooooooo…. I am talking great big water falls”…. but nothing. But then my cousin (a PA, Doctor’s Assistant) was running through all the things that she knew that could cause my latest problem, and one of the things I could double check myself was meds.

I realized that my peeing issue had begun after I started taking a sleeping pill (doctor prescribed), and I immediately stopped taking the pill (TraZODone). Within the week I no longer had to jump on a pillow, a blanket… anything washable really… so that I could was out the urine without pulling up the floor. And when I had a visit with the doctor that prescribed the evil pill, and I explained all this to him, what did he say???

“Oh, yeah… that happens sometimes!”

What the hell… sooo…. beware my peeps… if you are having issues, check your meds… don’t just accept your fate, check the side affects on your meds. I don’t know about you guys but I would rather lose sleep than soak my bed.

Now I am back to editing my next novel.

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Aches and Pains… sigh

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but the holidays kicked my MS behind… it is amazing how something like cooking can put you in serious need of R&R, and wrapping presents??? forget about it… the Clark household is all about reusable present bags and boxes… yep, it is a standing rule in our home that the gift is yours but the container (bag/box) isn’t to leave the house…

and for those gifts that we are forced to pass out while out and about, we use dollar store X-mas bags… bending over and cutting paper, taping, and attempting to force Christmas paper to behave??? go ahead and skip the pain… invest in lots of decorative boxes… 😛

as for the big holiday meal??? mom wanted my ham this year, and once I start in the kitchen with a meal like this, I can’t help myself… I want the ham to be perfect and tender, the potato salad to be delicious (fyi: made while potatoes are still hot) and the rolls are buttered to melt in your mouth…

truthfully, I want my mother to enjoy the festive season as much as possible… between that and my OCD quirks, I end up overdoing… a big no-no, but the meal was to die for and the gather went great…

all in all, the season was worth it but painful (wanted to cry in pain a few times) and we all had a lot of fun… we are all also ready to say goodbye to the insanity that is the holiday season… I hope everyone managed to enjoy the passing of another year (painful or not) and that you guys are ready to start a new year… let’s all create something wonderful… for my part I hope to get my latest novel (Artistic Beauty) out by early March…

that’s it for now… happy wordage, Tracey

Dyslexia meets Multiple Sclerosis


okay… this is totally unfair… lol… but I grew up learning to deal with Dyslexia… my case isn’t that bad, but getting my words mixed up, and taking ten times longer to read my homework assignment??? reading out loud in class and fearing that I would start to stutter as I did my best to understand what I was reading??? yeah, that crap sucks…

but I found little ways to work around the problems and even graduated third in my class, from high school …

but to then have MS thrown onto the pile of word confusion??? well hell people… lol… it took about eight years, but for the most part my words have straightened out… I still have word salad coming out of my mouth when I am tired or stressed, but I always know what I mean in my head… and thankfully, I can write and type better than I can speak… otherwise I never would have been able to finish my novel… but crossed eyes, falling asleep because my brain is tired, and edits that had me wanting to scream all eventually worked out… and I got an indie publisher to help me get everything in order…

now book two is wither her, and she says we need to talk… frankly I am freaking out, and second guessing myself… I can only hope that I whatever problems she has spotted can be worked out easily… otherwise, you guys might hear my frustration no matter where you live…

Oh… and Yoda rocks… 😛

happy wordage, tracey

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Testing out the waters…


8d11544e96509eff0e5d8f1ba47aed5fI want to be confident and sure… but there is that little bit of doubt in the back of my mind, telling me that no matter what I do, no matter how many people tell me they enjoy my stories, and no matter how often the urge to continue putting my words on paper hits me, I am doing the wrong thing… it may be the dreaded writer’s doubt/depression, but I also have to contend with the MS blues… no one can keep a smile on their face 24/7… but what I really think it is, is fear… FEAR…

What if I go to a book signing and freeze up??? What if no one buys my books??? What if I do it wrong, or say the wrong thing???

Damn shyness… I hate being shy… I know that once I get to know someone, I come alive… but at a book signing I will be floundering for purchase… if I have someone I know with me (Assistant), at least I will feel comfortable with them, but the purpose of a book signing is to interact with reader… AKA: Strangers… Gulp… Forget freezing up, I just hope I don’t throw up… And if I can manage to open my mouth, I know there will be some books bought… every month, people are picking up copies of Shocking Finds in eBook (kindle), but I don’t see those people… I don’t speak with them face to face…



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I have signed up to be a part of three book signings this year… it will be my first year participating in the frightening process… yep… you readers out there scare the hell out of me… lol

But forget about doubt and fear, forget about shyness… What if my MS acts up, and I embarrass myself in front of all those people that I want to be entertained by my work??? What if I have an exacerbation and start bawling in the middle of one of the crowded rooms??? What if I sweat so much that I look like a drowned rat and no one wants to come near me, and therefore no one buys my books??? What if —

What if I miss this opportunity???

There will always be doubt, fear and shyness… and MS will always be a part of my day to day life… and there are a lot of questions that I will only be able to answer once I have survived the trials… The one thing I know for sure… I refuse to miss an opportunity no matter what I have to face… Therefore, I plan to be that girl sweating profusely, face red in embarrassment, and stumbling over her words at three signing events, if not more…


Wild in West Virginia


Imaginarium Convention


Rebels and Readers Author Event

That’s one event in hot weather, and two in relatively cool/cold weather… that should give me a feel for what I will be up against… and yes, this is war… lol… me against my MS and shyness… but if I managed to do solos in high school, I know that I can do this… when we love doing something in private, showing the results to the world can be difficult… but then, nothing worth doing is ever easy… 😛 or so I will continue to tell myself… Happy wordage everyone

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