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Itchy, Itchy, scratchy, scratchy…

It is almost time for the big MS Walk around here… a week away … todays MS topic is Itching… lol… soon my MS post will go back to 4-6 a month, but for now lets find out about uncontrollable itching…


Oh Dear… this freaks me out… I haven’t had this happen to me, but just the thought of it has me wanting to scratch away…

the worst itch I have faced is that Baloo itch… the bear from the Jungle Book… lol… where you want to back up to a door frame and rub up and down in an effort to relieve the itchiness along your spine… but hey… everyone does that… right???

okay, I need to stop talking about this, before I subconsciously make myself break out in hives… muhahahahaha

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