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That pill does what?


So… a while ago, I complained about peeing on myself. Oh course, I blamed it on the MS. I had heard about that little surprise, and assumed that it was just another MS downer. But that didn’t mean that I remained silent and accepted it as my lot in life. Nope.

I complained to my doctors, I shared my whoos with friends, family, and you all. I am real big on sharing what you feel ashamed of, embarrassed of. It is amazing the amount of support you get, how all the shame lifts, and the number of people willing to then share their own similar stories.

Doctors on the other hand, they were a big let down. I got tired of feeling ignored when I said, “I have been peeing on myself. And I’m not talking about ‘whoops, there went a dribble’, nooooooo…. I am talking great big water falls”…. but nothing. But then my cousin (a PA, Doctor’s Assistant) was running through all the things that she knew that could cause my latest problem, and one of the things I could double check myself was meds.

I realized that my peeing issue had begun after I started taking a sleeping pill (doctor prescribed), and I immediately stopped taking the pill (TraZODone). Within the week I no longer had to jump on a pillow, a blanket… anything washable really… so that I could was out the urine without pulling up the floor. And when I had a visit with the doctor that prescribed the evil pill, and I explained all this to him, what did he say???

“Oh, yeah… that happens sometimes!”

What the hell… sooo…. beware my peeps… if you are having issues, check your meds… don’t just accept your fate, check the side affects on your meds. I don’t know about you guys but I would rather lose sleep than soak my bed.

Now I am back to editing my next novel.

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Stress equals Mess


Being in a stressful situation isn’t always avoidable… life loves to throw us into insane moments, to hit us out of the blue with worry, sadness, anxiousness, fear… STRESS … lol…

Especially those of us with MS… but why is Multiple Sclerosis the favorite target of the big bad bully Stress??? Because sometimes we react in ways that make no sense… not even to us… and then the Norms (hehehe… that’s everyone without MS) reacts normally to our out of control emotions and actions, and then??? welllllll, it all goes down hill from there…

I avoid situations that I already know will be stressful (if I can) because I know that it will throw my emotions into chaos… and no one, not even me, wants to deal with a grown woman crying and sweating because the heat has turned her legs to jelly, or the sight of a guest at a party has her spitting mad, or the downtown restaurant is serving all her favorite foods (foods not on her diet) anddddddd cue the melt down… lol…

I know that feeling denied, different, or ignored will nudge the emotions and meltdowns, and stress, anddddd finally the exacerbation (jackhammer to the brain as lesions act up)… I want to live as long as I can, with as many happy days as possible… I know that I can’t control everything, but if I see that I am heading into a stressful situation, I stop and decide if I can avoid it… and nine times out of ten, I can…

I may hurt some feelings, but I am more worried about me… I explain to those I can, but if I know the situation will be a trial, I do my best to head for the hills…

Happy wordage, tracey…

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