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Swag insanity


Swag away peeps… muhahaha… this is an idea I saw on Pinterest… and mom bought me a book of bead ideas… I hope to have a large number of free gifts (swag for writers) to hand out when I go to the Rebels and Readers author signing event Nov 5, 2016… I will be there as one of the signing authors… this is my first signing… I am excited and freaked the heck out… and I just know that I will be embarrassed as I sit there sweating like a hog… but this MS chick will push through…

I plan on having a comfortable chair, and running for the hills at the first sign of a headache… lol… Just kidding… I will pack my head in ice if I have to, I will do at least one book signing… if all goes well, I will plan on others… and of course, I will follow my publishers directions… if she wants me to go to other signings, then away I will go…

arts and crafts are part of the way I deal with my MS… it keeps my mind working, and gives me something to do when I can’t read or write (my true loves)

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One step at a time


This is true for everyone out there… we all walk our own path in this world, but as an MS gal this statement really hits home…

just because we can’t walk as fast, or as far in one setting, as others doesn’t mean that we are unable to do and live… we will reach our goals, it just might take us a little longer than Norms… Norm = your average healthy human on the planet *sorry guys… I write Paranormal/fantasy romance… there are a lot of Norms in my world 😛 *

Take a breath, slow down, and make your own way… it took me a long time to accept that I wouldn’t been doing things in the same way that I had taken for granted my entire life… Even when I started to feel a little more human, I had lost a lot of the things I loved but believed that would always be there… so what if I had all these stories in my mind??? so what if I could draw and paint??? so what if cooking a gourmet meal came with ease??? So what if I loved softball and could any wild pop up thrown my way???

These things were there but always in the back of my mind… Then it was all gone, along with the basics… writing, reading, speaking, walking… etc, etc, etc… As I started getting the basics back, I wanted to jump to the finish line… I wanted to be the person I used to be… If my talents weren’t coming back, then I wanted to shop and cook a simple dinner… I wanted to live… to have a purpose…

It was only through my writing (when the ability came back) that I finally managed to find a purpose… I still can’t deal with numbers (and for a former mathematics major, that was a huge hit) and answering questions are extremely difficult… but I can make things up with the best of them… lol… if I can entertain even one person with my stories, I have a purpose…

If you want to cook??? but a recliner in the kitchen… save up and get those soft cooking mats for professionals… keep trying to find your own way… who cares if your kitchen looks like a high school door, you can do your prep and mixing from a comfortable position… 😛

Just remember to take your steps one at a time… and if it causes you pain, then do your best to find a way around the problem… happy wordage everyone, Tracey Clark

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