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OMG… You Want Me to What??


I know that one day I will be asked to stand up in front of strangers and read an excerpt of my latest novel… ARGGHHH… saying that I don’t expect a standing ovation is an understatement… if I don’t throw up from nerves, I will be sweating and beat red from embarrassment, embarrassment that will trigger my MS issues into over-reaction… because I know that my natural shyness and my MS will fighting to take over, I have decided to head back to my critique meetings when I feel up to it… What??? How can that help???

One of the things we do at these meetings is to read a portion of our latest work out loud, so that the group can give us feedback… in the past, I allowed my fear of reading out loud to stop me from reading… I had admitted my dyslexia and shyness, both of which result in stutters and embarrassment overload… because everyone already knew what was going on with me, they all offered to read a portion of my story for me… knowing these people, and interacting with them for more than a year, I now feel more comfortable around them… that took some of the embarrassment out of the picture… but not all… I still have to deal with my hatred of reading out loud… dang Dyslexia/MS combo…

but since I feel comfortable around them, and because I know that excerpt reading will one day become an issue, I decided to use them as practice… I hope that I can become more comfortable reading out loud, just like I got used to singing solos… granted, I threw up before almost every solo… soooo… yeah… anyone got some valiums I can borrow???


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